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Director: Filomena Marta
Periodicidade: Semanal
Editorial 8


Pet Courrier na ERC

Pet Courrier deu mais um passo. Um passo mais para sensibilizar para as questões dos animais, que dizem respeito a todos. Sejam selvagens, domésticos, de estimação, sem lar, ...

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Editorial 7



Weird sensibilities on social networks


There are dozens of appeals on Facebook of ...

Editorial 6



Recently we have seen another example of the lightness with which the life of an animal is ...

Editorial 5



Photo translation: Mistreating animals is already a crime in Portugal – October 1st 2014


Editorial 4



Those who deal closely with animal protection see every day the email inbox and social ...

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Latest - National

Lisbon: cat thrown in Dumpster
19 Jun 2015 16:15 - Pet CourrierLisbon: cat thrown in Dumpster

  Zoófila Union reveals case of extreme cruelty
by Filomena Marta It was at this network [ ... ]

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Azores: firefighters rescue dog
02 Apr 2015 12:23 - Pet CourrierAzores: firefighters rescue dog

  Heroes in Praia da Vitória by Filomena Marta The rescue team in Great angle of the  [ ... ]

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Latest - International

Mexico: street dogs at the wake
31 Mar 2015 18:18 - Pet CourrierMexico: street dogs at the wake

    Mexican protector veiled by her protégées by Filomena Marta Says those who saw it [ ... ]

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Australia: Living rabbits, piglets and possums use...
19 Feb 2015 16:35 - Pet CourrierAustralia: Living rabbits, piglets and possums used as bait

  Greyhound racing cruelty by Filomena Marta

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